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The Brainport talentBOX is a unique, non-profit, online career platform, which allows you direct access to a dedicated community of tech & IT companies and knowledge institutes in the Brainport Region Eindhoven, who have joined forces to attract and retain global professionals.


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Je zult onderdeel zijn van een team van specialisten die zich bezig houden met het ontwikkelen of verbeteren van nieuwe energetische materialen en de productie daarvan. Afhankelijk van je ervaring zal je een opleidingstraject volgen waarbij de...
Als junior scientist verdiep jij je op het gebied van pyrotechniek en gevaarlijke chemie binnen de groep EM. Je ziet inhoudelijke uitdaging in het bedenken en maken van nieuw pyrotechnische mengsels om pyrotechnische producten bestendig te maken voor...
FEI Company
Within Eindhoven we have a challenging position for a talented software engineer in the sciences application software team in Eindhoven (part of ASG). This team is responsible for the development of online application software for Transmission...
We zoeken een nieuwe collega voor de functie binnen het expertisegebied Technical Sciences. Daarin werken wij bevlogen samen aan technologische doorbraken ten behoeve van innovaties in belangrijke maatschappelijke en economische thema's. Onze...
We are looking for a new colleague within the expertise area Technical Sciences in which our inspirational work is geared to technological breakthroughs to create innovations in key societal and economic themes. Our projects tend to have a...

Living in the netherlands & the brainport region

The Brainport region is part of the Netherlands, based in the Southeast, and a lot of the employers on this portal are based in this area. Living and working in the Netherlands will broaden your international experience, the Dutch culture is known or its diversity and consensus-based nature and there is a lot of room for your development and ambitions. Whether you're Spanish, Dutch or Indian, vocational or researcher, the Brainport region is fully adjusted to the needs of the many internationals that live here. With affordable housing, a fully equipped Expat Center to guide you, an excellent international school, English spoken sports clubs and many activities for our international community, we want to make sure you and your family feel welcome and at home.

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The Daily Challenges of a Development Engineer

You probably know all the ins and outs of your own profession. But what are the daily challenges of other fields of work? Romulus Mihalca is a Development Engineer and Project Leader at PANalytical, where he works on several projects focused on X-ray tubes. Today he shares a very interesting and enthusiastic insight in his job with us.

Romulus Mihalca

Cyber Security Trends in the Upcoming Years

What are the major trends currently in European cyber security? Four well known parties in the landscape of (cyber) security have identified five major trends. Jaya Baloo (CISO, KPN), Henk Geveke (Defence, safety and security of TNO), Wilbert Paulissen (Central Criminal Investigation Division, National Police) and Hans de Vries (National Cyber Security Centre) all contributed to a hands-on report in which different perspective and insights were shared. Which 5 major cyber security trends should we be looking out for?

Daniëlla van Laarhoven

The Daily Challenges of a Senior Research Scientist

Senior Research Scientist Omar Niamut studies the role of audio and video as a connecting factor in society. The technologist, audiophile and video fanatic (according to his Twitter bio) is keen on finding the connection.
"In the Media Networking field I focus specifically on the future of TV and online video. The real and digital worlds are becoming increasingly interwoven, and a lot is going to happen at this intersection: video will become more and more important.

Omar Niamut